CPD Activities

Examples of CPD

Examples of the different types of CPD are listed below. Where possible off-job CPD opportunities, and the providers, must be pre-approved by the WIPA Governance Board and evidence of attendance provided by the WIP.

On-job CPD may include project management, mentoring, in house courses/training and writing a technical report. This form of CPD must be supported by certificates of achievement/third party attestations such as an employer’s written endorsement, explaining what outcomes/deliverables were achieved, as evidence.


Technical Development

Personal Development

Sampling course (Off-job)

Attendance at industry conferences/workshops (Off-job)

Instrument calibration courses (Off-job)

Presenting a technical paper at a recognized forum (On-job)

Recognised equipment supplier training (Off-job)

Academic study (On-job)

Customer service training (Off-job)

Leading a project (On-job)

PE pipe welding (Off-job)

Secondments/special projects (On-job)

Hygiene and disinfection training (Off-job)

Mentoring (On-job)

Higher qualification achievement (Off-job)

Internal leadership programs e.g. project management etc (On-job)


CPD is measured by the number of hours assigned to each CPD activity. The WIPA Governance Board assigns the hours to each activity based on activity structure, outcomes/deliverables, assessment methodology if required, and pre-approval status for the activity provider. On-job CPD activities may need to be assessed on a case by case basis, based on evidence submitted.

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