CPD Requirements

One of the main requirements of being a Water Industry Professional (WIP) is the ongoing maintenance of Continual Professional Development (CPD). CPD for the WIP programme consists of a blend of technical development and personal development and can be both off-job and on-job.


CPD Requirements


All WIPs are required to complete not less than 30 hours of CPD over the two year registration period.




There are two tiers of CPD requirements.


Tier 1 is for WIPs at an operational level i.e. those people that currently hold a level 3 & 4 NZ Water Industry qualification.


Tier 2 is for WIPs who are more supervisory/senior level i.e. those who hold a level 5 NZ water industry qualification, or are employed in a multi-stage process treatment plant.


The two tiers determine what the ratio of technical to personal development a WIP needs to undertake.

The matrix below details the CPD ratio for each of the two tiers


Tier 1

Tier 2

Min. 20 Hrs Technical Development/ Max. 10 Hrs Personal Development

Min. 10 Hrs Technical Development/ Max. 20 Hrs Personal Development

Small Scale System Operator

Leading Hand/Supervisor/Manager

Utilities Maintenance Technician

Reticulation Supervisor

Pipelaying Technician

Water / Wastewater Treatment Plsnt Operator - Multistage Processes *

Water Treatment Plant Operator

Water / Wastewater Treatment Plant Technicians

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

Water / Wastewater Treatment Plant Managers

N.B. * Multistage Process (Definition taken from New Zealand Certificate in Water Treatment (Level 4))


* Water Treatment - Operate a drinking-water treatment plant with a combination of three multistage processes


* Wastewater Treatment - Operate a wastewater treatment plant with a combination of two multistage processes and wastewater influent greater than 200m3 per day


Once a WIP has completed a CPD activity, details can be recorded and submitted to the WIPA Administrator on the following form


CPD Capture Form


An example of a CPD Activity Capture Form can be found HERE